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20 holiday homes found

  • Luxury holiday home, Feriebolig 1. Djursland

    Price: From 0 dkk pr week
  • 2 apartments 85 kvm 2-12 persons

    Price: From pr week
  • Holiday home 3, Vestfløjen.

    Price: From 0 dkk pr week
  • Holiday apartment Djursland

    Price: From 0 dkk pr week
  • Nice house at the beach

    Price: From 3700 dkk pr week
  • Ebeltoft, Ahl Strand, Harevej 6

    Price: From 203 euro pr week
  • Ebeltoft, wonderfull new house - Friggsvej 8, Holme Strand

    Price: From 310 euro pr week
  • Cottage in Handrup Bakker at Ebeltoft. In Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

    Price: From 373 euro pr week
  • ARCHITECT SIGN - NEW - EBELTOFT 126 sqm. Path to the sea

    Price: From 530 euro pr week
  • Appartment In Oer Maritime Ferieby close to the famous city Ebeltoft for up to five persons

    Price: From 300 euro pr week
  • Nice cottage near the water and Mols Mountains

    Price: From 390 euro pr week
  • Near Park and Zoo - 8 pers - SPA - free WIFI

    Price: From pr week
  • Holiday home at Holme Strand, Ebeltoft

    Price: From 3500 dkk pr week
  • Unique new summer house - great view / near sea on Mols

    Price: From 4000 dkk pr week
  • MOLS / EBELTOFT- 115 m2 - 500m to the beach, sauna free Wi-Fi, woodburning stove, playing g

    Price: From 660 euro pr week
  • Luxus poolhouse Egsmark Beach Ebeltoft

    Price: From pr week
  • Aarhus-Ebeltoft- luksus hus

    Price: From 2000 dkk pr week
  • Sommerhouse by the sea with a pool

    Price: From pr week
  • Cosy cottage near Ebeltoft

    Price: From 400 euro pr week
  • Magnificent holiday home adjacent to the Historic Manor Møllerup Gods

    Price: From 0 euro pr week

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