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    Take a deep breath and feel the fresh air fill your lungs. Feel the scent of the green forest and listen to the soft splashing sounds from the lake and notice how you get calmer for every breath. This is the feeling that awaits you if you visit the scenic Värmland in western Sweden. 
    Värmland is covered with lush green forest, which hides 10,000 larger and smaller lakes. The area is divided on the middle by the longest river in Sweden, Klarälven, which flows into one of the largest lakes in Europe, near the city Karlstad. Klarälven is perfect for entertainment in the nature. You can for example build your own raft and then sail along the river, surrounded by the beautiful nature. 
    It is generally the nature, which is in focus if you go to Värmland. There are plenty of beautiful hiking and biking routes spread over the area and if you wish to see the area from the water, you can go canoeing. The options are almost endless in Värmland, where you can go skiing, sailing, fishing, hunting, try a beaver or moose safari or just stay still and enjoy the calm surroundings. 
    When the kids start to nag about seeing other things than just the nature, then you should go to Karlstad. Karlstad is the largest city in the region and here you find a wealth of entertainment for everyone. You adults can enjoy a day at the golf course or take a stroll in one of the beautiful city parks. If you are on vacation with your kids then Mariebergskogen City Park and Open-air museum and the waterpark Sundstabadet are good suggestions for fun family entertainment.