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    8 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 160 m²

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    Take a deep breath and feel the fresh air fill your lungs. In Halland in southwest Sweden you get to escape your everyday life and enjoy a vacation in the calm and beautiful nature. The mainland of Halland is filled with lush forest, rippling streams and clear lakes. In the lakes you can try fishing for salmon and in the wilderness you find very good hunting areas. If you rather want to just move around in the lovely nature, you can go canoe sailing, horseback riding, hiking or biking, There are plenty of good trails in the area made specifically for bikers and hikers, making it easy to get around.    
    After some active days out in the nature, your body might need some relaxing. Halland has a long and beautiful coast with some of the best beaches in Sweden. Tylösand, Skrea, Melbystrand and Apelviken are just a few of the many beaches in the area. The beaches are perfect for a relaxing day before you go on to new adventures. Halland is also a famous spa and health region, so if getting sand between you toes is not your idea of a good day, you can visit one of the many wellness facilities. 

    The cities in Halland, lies close together along the coast. Varberg is the leading spa city in Sweden and boasts an almost 200-year-old tradition for spa and wellness. Falkenberg lies a little further south and here you can among others enjoy the Åstra River, which runs right through town. This gives you a unique opportunity to fish for salmons in the middle of the city. Halmstad is the region's capital and here you find a wealth of restaurants and cultural experiences. Halmstad is also known as the golfing capital of Sweden, due to its many good golf courses. The oldest city in Halland is called Laholm and has roots all the way back to the 13th century. Here you can enjoy the old city centre with the crooked cobblestones and old buildings.