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    East of the mainland of Spain, laying in the glistening blue Mediterranean you find the island Mallorca. The island is first and foremost known as the perfect summer destination with a hot climate, plenty of sun and lovely beaches. But the island has much more to offer than sun, beach and ocean. Beautiful nature and rich culture is ready to be explored.  
    You can for example experience the 100 kilometres long mountain range Sierra de Tramuntana, which meanders through the island. The mountains offer rich opportunity for excursions and allow you to enjoy a beautiful view over the island. You can also go hiking in the nature, where you are likely to find charming olive groves and citrus orchards. Often they also sell the local produce, giving you the opportunity to buy fresh olive oil or freshly squeezed juice. 
    Palma is the capital of Mallorca, which always buzzes with life and energy. Palma is, contrary to the small charming villages and olive groves, a big city with everything that follows. Here you can enjoy shopping, restaurants in bulk, bars and clubs. By the marina you get to see an exclusive life as the beautiful yachts sail into the port, and enjoy good food in one of the many restaurants and cafes.   
    If you are going on a family vacation with your kids, then the city Alcudia is a popular destination. Here you find kids-friendly beaches and restaurants. The city is actually divided into three parts. The original Alcudia is situated a couple of kilometres inland and offers a cosy town square and a local market. Then you have the harbour city Puerto de Alcudia, with its charming harbour promenade. And last but not least there is the beach city Playa de Alcudia, where you get to enjoy the lovely beach and blue, ocean.

    Mallorca is a big island and you therefore find something for everyone, whether you wish to stay in relaxing surroundings and enjoy the nature and culture or you want beach and a buzzing big city life.