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    Costa del Sol translates to the coast of the sun, and it is not without reason that the area has gotten this name. Costa del Sol is placed on the south coast of Spain and here the sun shines all year round. So even during winter, you get to enjoy the mild climate and many hours of sunshine.   
    Costa del Sol lies in the region Andalusia, which besides the sun also offers beautiful nature. By the coast you can enjoy the sight of beautiful beaches and the clear, blue ocean. If you move further inland tall, majestic mountains will great you. When you drive between the mountains you will see green olive groves, swaying vineyards and beautiful white horses. You get to enjoy challenging hikes, vine tasting at the local vineyard or just relax at the beach. Costa del Sol has it all within a short distance.   
    The largest city in Costa del Sol is Malaga. Even though Malaga is a large city, the local touch is still clear. When you stroll through the city you will see locals playing petanque or enjoy a cool beverage in on of the many lovely restaurants and bars. When the evening comes you can enjoy some tapas or paella with a glass of good local red wine. If Malaga is not exclusive enough for you, then Marbella is the place to go. Here you can get lucky and spot a TV star or just enjoy the sight of the many expensive cars driving around in the street. Besides Marbella and Malaga, Costa del Sol is packed with bigger and smaller cities all welcoming you to a rustic, Spanish atmosphere and beautiful beaches.   
    In the southern most part of Costa del Sol you can visit the small island Gibraltar. Gibraltar is still under British control, and it is therefore possible to buy duty free goods and get characteristic British food like fish'n'chips. The island is also filled with monkeys, which are far from shy so do not get surprised if you all of a sudden have a monkey on your shoulder.