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    Lisbon City is Portugal’s capital. This city boasts a rich history with lots of interesting sites that would surely entice tourists of any age. With its Gothic cathedrals, majestic monasteries and quaint museums, this place with its colorful cityscape will delight you all the way. And through its lovely backstreet, you will see how Lisbon has been able to integrate its rich past with a new modern era.
    A good way to see the city is by taking a tram ride. On an ordinary day, the people of Lisbon will ride trams to get from one place to another, but for tourist this is also one of the best ways to enjoy the scenic views the city offers. With moderate speed, you can enjoy the view and at the same time reach more destinations within a much shorter time.
    If you prefer walking around the city instead, you will be delighted that there are numerous spots you can choose from. There is the National Tile Museum, which tells story of the tile in Portugal from its primary use in 16th century walls to the present day applications.  Then there is the Coach Museum, which features a huge collection of beautiful decorated carriages. 
    The Castle of São Jorge should not be missed either. The castle is placed on a hilltop, which allows you to enjoy a lovely view over the historic part of the city.  From this point you can also get an amazing view over the river Tagus. The river is an important part of the city and supplies drinking water for most of central Spain and Portugal. 

    If you want to appreciate nature even further then you must visit the Oceanarium in the Parque das Nações. The area has been successful in revitalizing an old industrial area. The Oceanarium is one of the largest in Europe and showcases the flora and fauna that can be found in different oceans