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    Algarve, the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, is among the best attractions of this nation. Packed with wonderful beaches and great history, Algarve has set a high standard for vacation in Portugal. Nature tripping, beach holiday, surfing or simply enjoying the ambience of this wonderful place, all of it is possible.
    The sand, surf, sun notion is very appropriate over this region. As the sea is an important part of Algarve’s life, it is not surprising that this is as well what is being sought after by many of its visitors. As this region has temperate winters and hot summers, those who love the sun are welcome most of the months of the year. Tourism is an important industry of Algarve thus they make strides to give tourists a warm welcome and high level of safety. Meja Praja, Praja do Amado, Praia Três Irmãos and Praia da Marinha are only some of the best beaches in this region.
    And it is not just the sea that receives high regards in Algarve. Its mountains and beautiful nature are also worth experiencing. When you need to relax, there are spas, thalassotherapy centers and the Monchique Thermal Baths where you can have various treatments to choose from. And it does not end here. Algarve is also a sports getaway. This region has several internationally acclaimed golf courses.
    The choices for accommodation also cater for different folks. From hotels, tourist villages, to resorts, all comes with different levels of trim from the simplest to the most sophisticated you can imagine. This can easily give you an idea of how this place gives high regard for hospitality.

    And when you wish to get out in the nature, there are footpaths and bicycle trails so you can better experience and explore the region. And when you do not find strolling around interesting anymore, you can go on a boat ride, by which you can see and experience the region’s natural ecology as well. Thus when looking for the best idea where to spend your next vacation, think about Algarve-Portugal.