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    Situated in the northeastern part of Italy you find the region Veneto. On your trip through the region you are met by rolling hills, green valleys and roaring rivers. The Dolomites create the perfect background if you wish to have a vacation in amazing nature with challenging hikes.  
    To the west Veneto reaches all the way to Lake Garda, which is one of the most popular family destinations in Italy. On the eastern side of Lake Garda you find plenty of charming campsites, resorts and hotels and it is also here you find Garda City and the amusement park Garda Land. If you prefer beach to lake, Veneto also has a long beautiful coast with some lovely sand beaches. 
    The biggest and most well known city in the region is Venice. Venice is an extraordinary and fairytale like city. As a disappeared Atlantis the city rises over the water and appears as a magical floating oasis. Sit down and lean back in one of the slim gondolas and enjoy the view, while you slowly slide through the channels, which functions as the roads of the city.    
    But Venice is not just romantic gondola rides and delicious food. The city also offers outstanding cultural experiences. St Mark's Square and the Church of St Mark are among the most well known experiences in Venice, and this is not without reason. The Church of St Mark is a beautiful mixture of eastern and western architecture. At St Marks Square you also find the Doge's Palace, which used to be the home of the ruling Doge. But it is not just the tourist filled areas, which are worth experiencing. Venice is incredibly beautiful and walks along the narrow streets and across the many bridges away from the many tourists is an amazing experience.