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    Liguria, Camogli. Close to the beach and the nature reserve of Portofino, in the small village Cam

    5 Persons • 1 bedrooms • 45 m²

    Liguria, Camogli. Close to the beach and the nature reserve of Portofino, in the small village Cam

    3 Persons • 1 bedrooms • 40 m²

    Villa in Umbria sleeps 8 + 1, Big private pool and fantastic view !

    9 Persons • 4 bedrooms • 125 m² • Pets allowed

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    Lombardia, or Lombardy, is the northern region of Italy where rich history took place in the past. For this reason, old buildings and places stand to this day, for your enjoyment. 
    There are a few places you can visit in Lombardia. Within this region you will find Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Mantua and Pavia among others. But of course, Milan is the top destination due to the fact that it is the region's capital and it is one of the key transport nodes in southern Europe. In Milan alone, you will find quite a few interesting sites to unwind and relax. If you are fond of gothic art and architecture, the Milan Cathedral should be on your list. This is among the world's most exquisite manifestation of gothic architecture.
    If that is not enough then you will be grateful that in this same city, Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint one of his famous creation, The Last Supper, which can be found in Santa Maria delle Grazie. This place was declared a UNESCO World heritage site.
    Of course, we also need to mention Bergamo. This city has two centers, Alta, aka upper, city and the Bassa, aka lower, city. If you love strolling then you will like the fact that walking trails connects these two centers.  If you are looking for historic sites, Alta should be your first destination. In here you can find Piazza Vecchia, the Cattedrale di Bergamo e Battistero, and the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore Baptistry. Bassa on the other hand is more connected with modern times and residential estates. It boasts Via 20 Settembre, which is its shopping district.

    Overall, Lombardia boasts a lot of historic significance and a nice place for relaxation. With modern times mingling with the historic sites, this place is very enticing for most travellers. Great food, great history, great people and great shopping districts, it is always a good combination for an enjoyable vacation.