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    In the middle of Italy you find the lovely region Abruzzo. Like the most of Italy Abruzzo is especially known for its beautiful nature. During the summer you get to enjoy green and luxuriant parks and mountains and lovely beaches, while the winter offers snowy peaks, perfect for a great skiing vacation.  
    If you like to have an active vacation then the many mountains are perfect for raising your pulse in beautiful surroundings. 75% of the area is located more than 700 metres above the ocean, giving you plenty of mountains to choose from. Choose one of the many hiking paths and enjoy the view over green forests, roaring rivers and grazing sheep. Besides the nature you also have the chance of running into one of the many medieval castles or maybe make a stop in one of the many charming hillside villages. The area has three national parks, so you should not run out of beautiful nature.      
    With 133 kilometres of coastline your holiday is bound to include the ocean as well. If you do not just wish to relax and sunbathe, why not try one of the many water activities offered in the area. A sailing trip is always lovely, but you can also try the little bit more wild windsurfing, Jet Ski or canoeing. The beautiful sea is also perfect for diving, snorkelling and underwater photography.  

    If you want to live in a larger city, you should go to Pescara, Chieti, Teramo or L’Aquila. Pescara lies by the coast, perfect for those who wish to spend a lot of time at the beach. The 20 kilometres long coastline makes it a popular beach city in the summer. Chieti lies a little bit further in the country, however still close to the coast and allows you to live right by the beautiful mountains. Common to all the cities is that they are still quite small, allowing them to keep their charm and lovely atmosphere. And that is in general how a vacation to the region is, filled with charm, beautiful nature and authentic little towns.