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    In the Aegean Sea lies a green gem called Skopelos and waits to be discovered. Skopelos is the second biggest island in the Sporades and you get there by boat from Skiathos. The landscape is incredibly lush with steep cliffs and beautiful beaches. In many ways the nature reminds you of Tuscany with the lush and hilly terrain, where you find green olive groves and colourful orchards. On your way you will also encounter big pine forests, which send out a very unique scent.        
    The beautiful nature has also drawn international movie stars to the islands for the shooting of the movie Mamma Mia. Big parts of the movie were shot at Skopelos, so if you want a little preview of what you can expect, you should simply get home and turn on the DVD player. 
    Besides the gorgeous nature Skopelos is also famous for its many churches. The island has more than 360 churches, many of which are so small that they only open once a year. A big part of the churches are found in the capital of the island Skopelos city. Skopelos city is a beautiful old city where you still get to experience the original architecture, which is highly inspired by the Venetian style. The beautiful white houses stand with dark roofs and the characteristic wooden balconies, while a sea of flowers ads some colour to the picture. In the crooked streets you find charming taverns and small local shops.      

    A holiday to the sunny Greece is rarely complete without some days spent relaxing at the beach. Skopelos has a long list of lovely beaches on the south and east coast, which are a mixture between sand and pebble. During the summer the beaches come to life with small cafes and loungers.