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    Peloponnese is a peninsula and geographic region in southern Greece. This region has seen several foreign occupations throughout its history thus many of its historic structures come with combinations from different architectural and engineering designs. This is what this region has to boast to start with.
    Take for instance Bassae. This place is home to the temple of Epikourios Apollo. The region also includes Sparta, a known historic place. Koroni as well belongs to this region, which boasts its medieval seaside fortress and city walls. Mistra can be found in this region as well. This one is a medieval Byzantine fortress-town near Sparta and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Olympia is also present in this region, which is a site for ancient Olympic games, long before the world started to participate in it.
    But its architectural heritage is not the only thing that this region is proud of. With its natural resources offering the same level of beauty, nature lovers can as well appreciate this place. The region has mountainous interior and deeply indented coasts. This means tourists can enjoy good trekking days here. And after you have reached the peak, you can as well view the seaside with all its glory, which offers perfect beauty before the sun sets. The seaside itself offers landscape. From its white sands to its wonderful rock formations, it simply invites people to love it.

    And just like with any other place, it is not complete without its own cuisine. This region offers exquisite Greek taste. From its Kalamata to its Diples, all can give you an authentic taste of Greece. To sum it up, whether you are up for an adventure or would like to enjoy a restful vacation, you can surely find one in Peloponnese.