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    Through a map, this region is like Poseidon's trident sticking out into the Aegean Sea. And the interesting part does not end there. With rich ancient background, this place comes with lots of historic places that are really worth your visit. 
    This region is home to some unique archaeological sites. Here you can find the Ancient city Olynthus and the famous birthplace of Aristotle, Stágeira. The famous site of Mount Athos is here as well. This place is shows a unique Christian monument, untouched by the passing of time. The monument is of Byzantine culture and has survived through time, surrounded only by the beauty of nature.
    Chalkidiki-Greece is a known summer destination and you can easily see why. On the cosmopolitan peninsula Kassándra you can find lovely beaches with soft, white sand. This place features the largest hotel complexes in the country. The hotels here have amenities of the highest quality with golf courses, marinas and spas that will surely delight your stay. Also, this place is home to some of the best chefs in the country, who can satisfy your gourmet craving.
    The town of Sithonia on the other hand will delight you with its traditional seafront guesthouses, little hidden treasures and a charming marina. Nature tripping can be best enjoyed here in the forests or at the many beaches. And nature hopping would not be complete without a few nights of outdoor camping. Fortunately, Sithonia has plenty of campsites for those who crave the outdoors. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy superb hotel complexes on this side of the region as well. Sithonia also has lots of beaches, which offer facilities such as umbrellas. But there are lots of other hidden places here as well, which have been skipped by development. With several creeks with turquoise water and some stunning underwater landscapes, this place is really worth your time.