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    Located in the south of mainland France, this region is a place to cherish for your vacation. With lots of natural beauty with miles of sunbaked beaches, this region offers more than just a fun family vacation.
    To the south you find the Mediterranean See, and with that comes mile after mile of sandy beaches. The modern Languedoc-Roussillon is divided into three areas. If you are after the beach fun, the Bas-Languedoc is the coastal area, which is home to the largest beaches. Lots of sun means lots of fun. This region has plenty of beaches, marinas and small ports that can offer all the fun-by-the-sun activities you can imagine. 
    Languedoc-Roussilon has been under the Romans and you can easily see this through its old structures, which still survive to this day. If you would like to travel through history, you may want to see Le Canal du Midi. This is the world's oldest commercial canal, which was supposedly built in the 17th century. It stretches from Agde to Carcassonne. It is interesting to note that this canal features a shaded cycle way and footpath so you may better experience this UNESCO world heritage site. Le Pont du Gard, another great UNESCO World Heritage site, is an impressive example of a Roman aqueduct, which can be found just north east of Nimes.
    And if you want to be out in the nature, you may find the Pyrenees very appealing. This place forms a natural land barrier between France and Spain with its beautiful mountain range, which has a dense wood population over its lower slopes. This same spot is very interesting for people who loves nature and for those who loves hiking, as it is perfect for mountain and hill walking. The Pyrenees as well has an impressive coastline where the sea is said to be among the best of this region.