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Denmark - Funen - West

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  • ps-sommerhus - Lovely summerhouse on Helnaes - fantastic panoramaview

    Price: From pr week

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Funen offers you a natural and calm environment. Here you can enjoy walking or biking in the hilly landscape and visit cosy towns with half-timbered houses and hedgerows. West Funen further more offers a long coastline, which unites the calm nature with the wild ocean. West Funen is the perfect place for trips to the beach, since you find beaches spread out from Assens and all the way up to Middelfart. The coast also allows for good fishing opportunities. In the spring and winter you should go to the area around Helnæs, while the summer requires you to travel north to the northern part of Lillebælt.     

The water in Lillebælt also has some exciting animal life, since Lillebælt is home to one of the worlds most dense whale population, consisting of the cute porpoises. Sailing out from Middelfart it is possible to go on a 3 hour-long whale safari. On the safari you will follow the porpoises around in their natural surroundings, while you hear stories about their life’s and behaviour. Middelfart is further more a very charming town, which throughout time has lured many artists to the area, which is evident in the many workshops and galleries in the area.   

West Funen has a lot of small towns and nature and it is therefore naturally the nature and animal life, which is the main focus. Funny enough, the two biggest attractions in the area are also evolving around animals. They are Frydenlund Bird Park and Terrariet. Both places are perfect for a family trip, when the kids have had enough of beaches and long walks. West Funen gives you the surroundings for a calm and relaxing vacation, where you can enjoy yourselves as a family and relax without the noise of a big city. And if it should get too boring it never takes long to drive to the nearest larger town.