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Denmark - Funen - South

18 holiday homes found

  • Accommodation in cozy Svendborg from 1 - 14 people - with fantastic views

    Price: From 375 euro pr week
  • Thurø

    Price: From 0 euro pr week
  • Holiday apartment centrally located in Svendborg with covered terrace

    Price: From 375 euro pr week
  • Lovely bright rooms in Svendborg

    Price: From 0 dkk per day
  • Good rooms in beautiful Svendborg from 1-14 persons

    Price: From 375 euro pr week
  • Wonderful little house in Marstal on the Island Aeroe

    Price: From 240 euro pr week
  • Tåsinge, South Funen,

    Price: From 2300 dkk pr week
  • Charming cottage with sea views, in Soby at Ærø.

    Price: From pr week
  • Holidaycenter Faaborg. Nice apartment on the beach with big in & outdoor pools

    Price: From pr week
  • Southern Fünen, Faaborg holidaycenter apartment on the beach. 5 min. walk to center of town

    Price: From pr week
  • Seaview

    Very cosy and wellpreserved cottage with a nice view to The South Funen Archipelago

    Price: From pr week
  • Kornbakken Svelmø 10 persons island vacation (acquisition of an additional 10 beds in the neighborin

    Price: From pr week
  • Seawiew and garden directly to the beach

    Price: From 941 euro pr week
  • Apartment Holidaycenter Klinten, Faaborg with panorama seaview on the beach

    Price: From pr week
  • Holiday home with swimmingpool and free Internet

    Price: From 480 euro pr week
  • Bed and Breakfast on South Fyn

    Price: From pr week
  • Ærø / Aeroe - Beautiful holiday house w/ garden in Marstal

    Price: From 410 euro pr week
  • Summer House on Funen

    Price: From 160 euro pr week

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South Funen is like most of Denmark a good combination of bigger and smaller towns and plenty of fields and green nature. The area is perfect for a nice biking trip, since the roads wind along the coast, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful nature. If you turn your head to the sea you will find the South Funen archipelago, filled with small islands and islets. If you take the trip out to one of the islands you can enjoy peaceful surroundings and the feeling of being all by yourself. 
There are plenty of lovely beaches along the coast of South Funen. Especially if you move a bit to the west, you will find a lot of good and kids-friendly beaches in the area around Faaborg. Besides the beaches Faaborg also offers a cosy city environment with shops and cafes. The town still has old half-timbered houses with roses growing up the walls, which is perfect for an idyllic holiday. Another town, worth visiting is the capital of South Funen, Svendborg. The city cares a lot about quality in life and allowing yourself, time to enjoy, so why not enjoy a fun day in Svendborg?     
Funen has a long list of beautiful manors and castles and on South Funen the castle to visit is Egeskov castle. Surrounded by old beech trees you get to enjoy a lovely walk in the beautiful and peaceful park, or maybe enjoy a picnic with your family. The trees can also be admired from the top. 10-15 m. up in the air there is a suspension bridge, taking you from one treetop to the other. Another popular castle is Valdemars castle, which besides the beautiful castle also offers a lovely park. Behind the pavilion you find a lovely white sand beach, where the entire family can enjoy a cold swim. Look forward to a good vacation at South Funen