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Denmark - Fanø

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Fanø is a small island situated in the Wadden Sea off the coast of Esbjerg. On this little island the roaring sea, soft beaches and beautiful nature is the focus. On the west coast it is the North Sea, which waves against the 15 km long sand beach. The place is perfect for swimming, sports activities and lovely hikes. The nature shows itself from its most beautiful side with cute seals and pretty amber pieces along the coast. The fresh North Sea wind makes the beach perfect for water and beach activities, such as flying kite, wind- and kite-surfing, riding blokarts and much, much more.    

If you go to the other side of the island it is the Wadden Sea that roars. The Wadden Sea National park and Fanø has been added to UNESCOs World Heritage list in 2014, as a proof of the unique and extraordinary nature you find here. It is therefore a good idea to pack some hiking boots and go explore the island, where you can experience hectic bird wildlife, the tide and oysters. In the fall you can experience the famous phenomenon black sun, where millions of birds fly over the sun and covers the sky.     

Besides the nature Fanø also offers a lot of cosy small cities, which are perfect for a holiday with relaxation and rest in focus. During the year the island hosts a lot of different festivals and cultural activities, so there should be something for everyone’s taste. If you want to visit a bigger city, you can take the ferry over to Esbjerg. Esbjerg is a city that always busses with energy and here you find interesting museums, delicious restaurants, good shopping areas and fun activities for the kids. Fanø is perfect for a vacation in a private summerhouse with peaceful and beautiful surroundings, allowing you to have a fun and active vacation out in the fresh air.